Review : "Veendum Kannur"

Well speak out movie about today's scenario happening in the political world, it outcast the neo communist theory, but this Haridas Keshavan directed malayalam movie lacks that zeal that was proposed in earlier version to "Veendum Kannur", however whole movie is based upon on Anoop Menon. At the end its your choice to go for this malayalam movie or not.........

                                Lets move on to the story, Jayakrishnan portrayed by Anoop Menon, move on with his research work and doesn't have any interest in his father Madayi Surendran performed by Sivaji Guruvayoor, political world till the incident that awakens his integrity, while on this sense of creating some social responsibility
Jayakrishnan put forward some suggestions that give more responsibility to the youths in the communist party.

                                     Jayakrishnan wants new communist thinking with the new party, in this cause he proposes to get active in social networking sites, which is the craze for today's youth. In this all sequences, Mohith Nambiar enacted by Rajeev Pillai, an industrialist wants to put Kannur on the development path with his new fabric project, while in this project Party says no to the project and Jayakrishnan offers his helping hands to move forward the project that leads to the rest of the story. Anoop Menon unlike his usual roles done something different with punching dialogues.

                                                Along side there were some characters like Kathal Sandhya performed the character of a journalist and graduated from JNU. Sajitha Beti, Arun, Rajeev Pillai and others just as usual. Songs are not upto the mark with on the sense with the script that downs the whole concept, Script by Robin Thirumala offers nothing too much, could have worked better if it released way back in nineties. Director Haridas Keshavan made some effort too put some power to "Veendum Kannur", but loosen up by not here and there. For the banner of Golden Wings International, Latheef Thirur is the producer of this malayalam movie "Veendum Kannur".

                                   Lets have your say on this malayalam film "Veendum Kannur" through your comments.......

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