Sabu Cyril turns Jesus Christ.....!

art director sabu cyril becomes actor
Amazed with the news, no we aren't talking about his personal life, instead his reel life this Biggie and Busy Art Director Sabu Cyril nodded to give his concern to play the lead role of Jesus Christ in the malayalam movie "Pithavinum, Puthranum, Parishudhathmavinum".

                                  As per Sabu Cyril, Director and his friend V.K.Prakash convinced him to rope in for this malayalam film despite of his hectic schedule, in which Director V.K.Prakash also making his acting appearance with role of a priest. Deepesh T directing this malayalam film is
currently on the schedule and it is scripted by Balram Mattanur.

                                          Dhwani, Sathaar, Shari, Rajshri Ponnappa, Vijay Babu, Vijaya Kumari and others include the cast of this malayalam film "Pithavinum Puthranum Parishudhathmavinum" and it is slated for the release around the month of August. Behind the scenes to front of the camera, Well Sabu Cyril looking to make some fans with his acting too.....hmm......

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