Review : "Aakashathinte Niram"

Rich story and its presentation make this malayalam movie "Aakashathinte Niram" stand out from rest of the films released recently. Director Dr.Biju's outline and Good visuals from M.J.Radhakrishnan gave some unmatched moments to the screen which chants the beauty of Neil Island. Class act by the actors put "Aakashathinte Niram" in the best visual treat and you can count on our words, watch it for sure.....

                      "Aakashathinte Niram" narrates the story of a burglar and how an incident change his views on  living life. On a deserted Island on which an old man portrayed by Nedumudi Venu, aged about 60 years resides and visit monthly a nearby harbour on his motorboat to sell his hand made products. On one of his monthly visit, a young man performed by Indrajith, who
is a burglar lands up into motorboat with the motive to get some money from old man. In this process Old man takes him to his island and the young man gets into the situations that kept him trapped in this Island.

                           In this Island, this young man meets a seven year old boy enacted by Master Govardhan and a young lady characterized by Amala Paul, who is deaf and dumb. There is a helper(Anup Chandran) as well. After observing their way of life and their difficulties, young man get to know that how nature is important for a human life. Dr.Biju's story is unusual and a striking one, in which characters were blend with the pure imagination.

                                  Indrajith steal the attraction of the show and deserves a good applause and other cast also whether it is Nedumudi Venu back to his best after a while, Amala Paul, Anup Chandran, Master Govardhan or it is Prithviraj in a short role, made a every bit of scenes a true one. Frames which is the real charm of this "Aakashathinte Niram" from cinematographer M.J.Radhakrishnan needs a special mention, who captured the real beauty of nature in the Island of Andaman and Nicobar. Music is nice and not spoil the feel of this malayalam movie. Music Direction is performed by Isaac Thomas and Raveendra Jain with the lyrics from O.N.V.Kurup. Manoj's Editing is also appreciable. For the banner of Ambalakkara Global Films, K.Anil Kumar is the producer of "Aakashathinte Niram".

                                     Just take few seconds to put your valuable opinion on this malayalam film "Aakashathinte Niram" through comments......

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