Review : "Ivan Megharoopan"

P.Balachandran directed malayalam movie "Ivan Megharoopan" term outs the creativity of an artiste and its importance to the life. It showcased the deserving avatar of a poet and in real sense you have to feel the touch that "Ivan Megharoopan" provide. Good performances from the actors and good script that led us to give the verdict that "Ivan Megharoopan" is a watchable one...

                      It  goes through the journey of a poet who came through certain kind of attractions, sorrow and guilt during his life. K.P.Madhavan Nair is the poet whose journey is discussed here, K.P.Madhavan Nair portrayed by Prakash Bare, won Sahithya Akademy Award for his poems and Committee organised a felicitation ceremony.During that ceremony poet get mingled in his own world and forget about his award that opens the first shot of "Ivan Megharoopan".

                               Poet's father enacted by V.K.Sreeraman, is concerned about his son's life despite of being a rich man. Father knows the ability of his poet son but still want his son to be a normal man and helps him to start a magazine. In this travelling life Poet gets into a relationship with Saraswathi performed by Jayapriya Sadanandan. Saraswathi is himself a poet and now not much interested in poetry. Later on some incidents point out fingers on poet for misguiding her talent. Even though Poet Madhavan Nair is leading his own old life and gets into new dimensions with new relations that came with the entrance of Ammini by Padmapriya, Thankamani by Anu Mol, Maya Maheshwari by Shwetha Menon, Rajalakshmi by Remya Nambeeshan, in poets life that forms the rest of the story.

                                  P.Balachandran's direction looks a classy one, which enter the dreams of a poet and apart from that Prakash Bare performed superbly the character of poet. Jagathy Sreekumar, Thampy Antony, Chembil Ashokan and others were done their characters pretty well. Rajeev Ravi's shots were fine, but looks some uncanny and Vinod Sukumaran's editing give the real meaning of "Ivan Megharoopan" no words to describe. Songs are good with the lyrics from O.N.V.Kurup and Kavalam Narayana Panicker and Music is from Shareth. For the banner of Silicon Media, Gopa Periyadan, Thampy Antony  and Prakash Bare are the producers of this malayalam movie.

                                      If you touched by the journey of this malayalam film "Ivan Megharoopan", just share your opinions with us........

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