Review : "Naughty Professor"

This naughty professor is seemed to be a comedy caper but later on turn to the off color humor, Hari Narayanan directed malayalam movie "Naughty Professor" is  too bit get into the exaggeration of dialogues, otherwise a good story and outcome is disappointing and we give it a thumbs down.........

                                Professor Vishwambharan portrayed by Baburaj, works in a Engineering College, always take the side of students rather then supporting academics. His view about beauty and glamour give him the tag of "Naughty" and it led to his conciousness in his looks. Professor Vishwambharan can go for any extent to give him the look of a young one. His wife Karthika enacted by Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, is a former heroine and decided to stay away from acting to settle her family issues. Vishwambharan and Karthika has  two kids as well, Vishwambharan's young feel led him for the new occasions with the new ladies, despite being a married man.

                                  With the joint effort of USA returned Businessman Francis performed by Innocent, neighbour of Vishwambharan. Both get on to the new ideas on glamour girls,while Karthika decide to continue her acting career, which often hurted the ego of Vishwambharan. In this living, Chacko characterized by Tiny Tom and his wife Tessa summarised by Lena, came as the twist to the story of "Naughty Professor".

                                          Not much of performance level with the actors like Baburaj, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, who gets offline with this character, Innocent as well. Sandhya, Malavika, Dharmajan, Janardhanan, Krishna Prabha, Tiny Tom, Lena and others just at the average level. Harinarayanan's direction was simple, but here and there it got into to the wrong lane. Baburaj's script could be more interesting if some kind of performances get into the act. At the end totally a messup. Sajith Menon's cinematography is okay, on the other hand Music tuned to the humor level as well with the touch of Jassie Gift and lyrics from Rafeeque Ahamed. For the banner of Anna Amala Films, Arun Jose and Shrikanth Pillai are the producers of this malayalam movie "Naughty Professor".

                                              Just put on your words below in the comments box about this malayalam film "Naughty Professor"......

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