Review : "Perinoru Makan"

Vinu Anand directed malayalam movie "Perinoru Makan" could have done well, if it was released during 90's   but sorry to say "Perinoru Makan" reminds you of an old malayalam movie that could easily relate to a relationship between a father and his daughter. Whole and whole "Perinoru Makan" is a total let down and rest of is on you because its your choice......

                            Story is simple, but lengthy dialogues became the real tester. An affectionate father Harishchandran performed by Innocent and his bond with his daughter Bhama enacted by Sharnya Mohan. Along with them Harishchandran's sister
done by KPAC Lalitha, and her two sons were done by Suraaj Venjharamoodu and Tiny Tom, and their wives living all together. Harishchandran's wife is no more  and his sister is a widow. It dolls out no new forms of characters as two sons of Harishchandran's sister live on the wealth support of there uncle.

                                   Two sons were indulged in miscellaneous activities rather then to earn some bread for their family. When it comes to marriage of Bhama, her family decide to search out a guy who relatively stay with them. There comes the role of Satheeshan performed by Bhagath Manuel, who agrees to stay with the family of Bhama, due to space issues in his own home. "Perinoru Makan" consumes too much time to know about the roots of this story. Innocent is the man behind whole this story and rest of the cast revolve around him whether it is Sharnya or Bhagath. Niyaz Khan and Sudheesh made up to the cast with the second half entry. Guinness Pakru, Vanitha, Vinaya Prasad and others join them as well. Songs are just add up to the sore throat  with the lyrics from Santhosh Varma and Madhu Vasudev and tuned by Berny Ignatius. Jaas Saaj Productions Banner, Thampi Abraham is the producer of this malayalam movie.

                                       If you managed your time to watch this malayalam film "Perinoru Makan", just spend few seconds to share your thoughts........

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