Urvashi commences legal step against Manoj K.Jayan

urvashi sues manoj k jayan
Malayalam actress Urvashi who divorced the actor Manoj K.Jayan and now settling their child's custody issues in the court. Urvashi now serves the legal notice to her ex husband for lowering her dignity by calling her a drunkard. On friday at the family court with the media brief Manoj said that Urvashi had come drunk and she is an alchoholic.

                         Both of them separated in 2008 and after that both of them were engaged in the custody issue of their 10 year old daughter kunjhatta. In respect to that Urvashi added that "What all was he saying
yesterday about me to the media in the premises of the court? Forget me as Urvashi, a film actress. I am a woman and a woman has to be respected," said the actress to the media".

                             "I am currently recovering from a surgery and due to that, I am under medication and hence I have some problems. But how can he say such nonsense about me? If he does not have sense, at least his counsel should have stopped him from saying such things about me," she added

                              Meanwhile Urvashi's daughter Kunjhatta also said that her mother was drunk on friday and said that "I have never seen my father drinking and I didn't want to go with her". Urvashi is allowed to meet her daughter once in a week, said that "She has been well tutored to say all this".

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