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back in memories murali
Malayalam actor Murali enter the hearts of malayalees with his unmatchable acting skill and today on Aug 6, is his third death anniversary. Travelled through the world of stage drama to the world of malayalam cinema, actor murali's life showcased his passion for the characters that mesmerised everyone and define the real acting and put on new dimensions to the industry.

             Murali had somewhere quoted that "Stars were born in two hours, but actors born with the years of dedication", which he proved with his talent. He never thought of leaving cinema field - his belief, strength and passion
keep him alive for these unforgettable years in cinema industry.  Murali also never compromised on characters and his first preference always was characters rather then his price.

                  "Neythukaaran", "Aadharam", "Kanne Madanguka", "Pulijanmam" films are the perfect examples to search out the best performances of the cinema world and on his third death anniversary remember Murali for his unforgettable contribution to malayalam cinema.

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