Review : "Cinema Company"

Mamas put some brilliant effort to bring out the best from youngsters, but his script lacks the potential to get the good score. "Cinema Company" fails to put the expectations on top from the side of director Mamas, especially first half is okay, but second half get out of line. However its been an average and one time watch movie....

                "Cinema Company" starts off with Paul (Basil), works out his life in Bengaluru and soon going to join his gang of friends, who are Varghese Panikkar (Sanjeev), Paru (Shruthi) and Fazal (Badri). Paul is meeting them after a gap of four years. All three of them had their passion of cinema in their hearts and they just find their way to stay in touch with this field by doing
other works. In this process a coffee house incident led them to get on their passion to the reality. All four of them Paul, Panikkar, Paru, Fazal all jumped into the film making to point out to the comment made by a new director in coffee house.

                      Fazal holds the script, Panikkar take on the direction, Paul settles to become the hero of this movie and Paru pick on her favourite department Music Direction of this film. Things started to get out of hand with the film making and all these friends part their ways with differences that led to the rest of the story.  "Cinema Company" also seems to be predictable and you could get the feel that it is repeating the same you have watched before. If its second half get some good punch then it could have work better for the viewers.

                          Director Mamas churned out the best from Basil, Sanjeev, Shruthi and Badri, while Lalu Alex, Baburaj, Ambika Mohan, Krishna, Kottayam Naseer, T.P.Madhavan and others made their parts on the satisfied level. Jibu Jacob's cinematography is nice and Alphons made some good tunes that suits the occasion and the crazy song "Thickrap" is there to the end. Lyrics were written by Rafeeq Ahamed and Santhosh Varma. White Sand Media House Banner, Fareed Khan is the producer of this malayalam movie "Cinema Company".

                               If you have been to this malayalam film "Cinema Company", then just spend few seconds to share your thought through comments.........

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