Review : "Mr.Marumakan"

Another off color humour film of the year and it is typically aimed at the fans of actor Dileep. In one aspect entertainment is nice, but it goes too ahead of that point without offering new in the story. Sandhya Mohan directed malayalam movie "Mr.Marumakan" disappoints a big or you can say makers fails to cash on the recent status of actor like Dileep. It is not necessary that every comedy capers climbs on to the hit charts, So we leave it on you and at last its your decision......

          Lets move on to the plot, Ashok Raj (Dileep) a lawyer, wants to establish his drama troupe which led him to change his name to Ashok Chakravarthy to suite an artiste, who writes play, script and direct as well. Babu Raj (Biju Menon) is elder brother of
Ashok, who runs a company going through the financial trouble and the situation came to that extent of auction of their ancestral property. Now financial status of Babu Raj is on the trouble side as he hasn't paid his dues for the loan.

               Story takes the another flow with the arrival of Balasubramaniam played by Bhagyaraj, who is a bank officer and came to take the legal action against Babu Raj who had taken the loan for his business. Balasubramaniam turns out to be the friend of Ashok and Babu Raj's father Rajagopalan Thampy (Nedumudi Venu) and get ready to help out Baburaj. Balasubramaniam is now stay separate from his wife Raja Mallika (Khushboo) and his daughter Raja Lakshmi (Sanusha). Raja Mallika born and bought up in the rich and wealthy family which effect her behaviour with his husband. Raja Mallika is the daughter of Raja Kokila (Sheela), who owns the Raja's group. With the entry of Ashok in the life of these trio's of Raja family and Ashok's tussle with Raja Mallika forms up the rest of the part of "Mr.Marumakan".

                    Dileep as usual begins with his comic style at which he is best and conclude with heroism. Sanusha hasn't get the best platform to made her debut in the heroine slot. Biju Menon, Nedumudi Venu, Baburaj, Sheela, Khushboo, Bhagyaraj and others are at the okay level. Scenarist Udayakrishna and Siby K.Thomas writes up the simple and lots of time watchable scenes may take the toll of you. Script offers nothing fresh to the viewers, off color humor make it not a digestive one. P.Sukumar's visuals are nice and Music department is handled warmly by Suresh Peters with his peppy songs. Varnachithra Big Screens Banner, Maha Subair and Nelson Eapen is the producer of this malayalam movie "Mr.Marumakan".

                      Have your say on this malayalam film "Mr.Marumakan" through your valuable comments.....

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