Review : "Simhasanam"

Director Shaji Kailas seems to be going through rough patch of his career as its looks like from his latest malayalam film "Simhasanam" which disappoints a big time. After getting a good cast and a star like Prithviraj, Director just messed up with the arrow released from the bow. Script lacks the maturity to point out any "Simhasanam" flavour, look old fashioned and we put our thumbs down for this one....

           Chandragiri family's head Madhava Menon (Sai Kumar) is one of the powerful persons in the area that every bit of issues were presented in his mansion to solved out. Arjun (Prithviraj) is the son of Madhava Menon and studying in the other city. Arjun is courageous enough to take on any situation and come out of it,
while rescue from enemies around his father's life led Arjun to stay back with his father. Now come to the leading ladies Nanda (Aishwarya Devan) and Lakshmi (Vandana) are kind of indulged in getting the attention of their hero. Lakshmi is childhood friend and on the other hand Nanda is his college mate, which looks uncommon around the scenes. Father- Son bond, rivalry, politicians and other masalas fails to get the "Simhasanam" for Director Shaji Kailas or to the Prithviraj.

                   Prithviraj show was out of the field to get the punch of real acting, Prithvi disappoints as well. Manikuttan, Thilakan, Siddique, Kunjan, Maniyan Pilla Raju, Devan, Biju Pappan, Riyaz Khan and others just made their parts to the occasion. On Technicality basis it looks on the better side some good frames from Saravanan and nice cuts from Editor Don Max, but on the plot side it all went wrong......

                      Shaji Kailas's script doesn't attract the masses on this pattern, which reminds you of his old directorial malayalam movies and on the sorry note it may not suits to the today's viewers. Music is unusual with the hands of Bijibal and Rajamani. For the banner of Malavika Productions, this film is being produced by S.Chandrakumar.

                        If you made it to this Malayalam film "Simhasanam", just take your valuable seconds to share your opinion through comments......


  1. Simhasanam kandu. parama boring. Prithviyude muscle kananananenenkil we can go to his house or a jim where he is doing exercise. to watch a movie there should be an interesting script . Aiswariya devan heroine is hopeless acting.aaram thampuranil priyamani act cheithathu copy adichal acting aavilla mole. Narasimhathil mohanlal thakarthabinayicha song repeat cheytal we feel shame on shaji kailas. He is a good technician but only with a well written script in his hand.
    pl friends dont waste your mood by watching this kind of movies.
    Pritvi select movies like manikyakallu, indian rupee etc… KAILASJI HAVE A BREAK… HAVE A KIT KAT….

  2. yeah.. No. 1 boring padam.... :D :P :P


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