Review : "Chattakaari"

It became usual trend to remake old movies, but sorry to say new "Chattakkari" offers nothing new with its hype. Santosh Sethumadhavan directed "Chattakaari" depends on the same script from Thoppil Bhasi and very much similar to the old one. It looks misplaced at times and it disappoints in terms of characters emotion as well. "Chattakaari" seems to be avoidable....

       It is the story of a Anglo Indian girl Julie (Shamna Kasim), who is the eldest daughter of an alcoholic train driver named Morris played by Innocent, and Margarette (Suvarna Mathew). Both Morris and Margarette are not so familiar with the Indian culture and dreaming of residing in England. In their neighbourhood
lives Julie's friend Usha (Shelly) and her family, who hails from orthodox hindu family.

          In terms of this friendship, One day Julie meets Usha's brother Sasi Warrier (Hemanth) and fell in love with him. Richard (Harikrishnan) who loves Julie was against this relationship and story takes twist with Julie gets pregnant, thats lead you to the rest of the plot of "Chattakaari".

             Santosh Sethumadhavan fails to put the relevance of emotions on the board, that was the strength of a character. Shamna Kasim put on her best for the role of Julie, while Hemanth lost the way with his character and looks gloomy. Innocent looks to be uninterested in the character, while Suvarna Mathew, Harikrishnan, Malu Raveendranath, Sukumari made their presence felt.

               Direction of Photography is superb with the hands of Vinod Illampilly and Nice cuts from Ajith. Songs are in good mood with the tunes of M.Jayachandran and lyrics were contributed by Murugan Kattakada, Rajeev Allunkal and Charu Hariharan. Revathy Kalamandir Banner earlier produced some good remakes, but on this time they put their fingers on the wrong button. G. Suresh Kumar is the producer of this malayalam movie "Chattakkari".

                    If you have made it to this malayalam film "Chattakaari", then just share your opinions through comments....

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