Review : "Molly Aunty Rocks"

Ranjith Sankar directed malayalam movie "Molly Aunty Rocks" speaks up about the personas of two different people with different perspectives. It may not go up to the expectations as we compare to Ranjith Sankar's earlier films, but still it turned out to be good entertainer. In the whole when you made it to your seat you can't get disappointed for sure, it can be a good watch........

       Molly Aunty (Revathy) certainly came back to rock her life after her past american experience. Molly Aunty now works as a bank employee and living her life in her way of being free. In this process the she decides to go back to U.S. and for that she needs her
visa to be ready. In this hiccup, she goes through the several difficulties for the visa due to her default in the tax return. first half consist of Molly Aunty's problem with visa and of being stamped of a tax defaulter.

            Now story takes the different angle with the arrival of Indian Revenue Service officer, Pranav (Prithviraj), who is assistant commissioner at the income tax department which shoots out the head ache for Molly Aunty. In the second half Molly's husband Benny played by Lalu Alex, enter the scenario by knowing the problems of her wife. Benny's presence put no effect to the problems and to get to the solution another person Salim (Mamukoya), who happens to be the lawyer of Molly Aunty make it to the fight of Molly Aunty and its better that rest of the story would reveal on screen.

                 Molly Aunty aka Revathy made the most of her to give the fabulous character. Prithviraj made his brief role to the extent of importance of his character, his short role turns out to be the good shot for "MAR". Lalu Alex, Mamukoya, Sharath, Rajesh Hebbar, K.P.A.C. Lalitha, Sivaji Guruvayoor and others are just matched to the perfect casting. Ranjith Sankar could make this one a more interesting, but may be his story and direction not jelled well to came up to the expected level.

                       Lijo Paul's editing is good and Sujith Vasudev's Direction of photography works pretty good to give some mesmerising moments. Anand Madhusoodhanan's music with Rafeeq Ahamed's lyrics add some more charm to "Molly Aunty". Dreams N' Beyonds Banner, Ranjith Sankar is the producer of "Molly Aunty Rocks" which has been distributed by August Cinema.

                            Have your valuable opinion on this malayalam film "Molly Aunty Rocks" through comments.....

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