Review : "Ozhimuri"

Director and Actor Madhupal gives another stunning experience with his dynamic view which explore three generations in his directorial "Ozhimuri". Fabulous script from Jeyamohan leads you to the satisfaction of some good performances from the cast. Madhupal deserves the applause for presenting this wonderful malayalam movie "Ozhimuri" to malayalees.

         Now the best term of this "Ozhimuri" is confusion prevails in the people from Kanyakumari, As once it was the part of Travancore and later on included in Tamil Nadu. Now the confusion is among two culture with whom to follow, provides the brilliant support to this script.

             Proceedings begin with the court issue of 55 year old, Meenakshi amma (Mallika) and Thanupillai (Lal), in which Meenakshi demands a Ozhimuri (Divorce) from her cruel husband Thanupillai. Now the Lawyer is Balamani (Bhavana), who
wants to know the reason behind Meenakshi's decision to divorce on this very old age. Balamani now meets their son Sharath (Asif Ali) to get the backdrop of his parents life.

                Narration starts off with Thanu Pillai's mother Kali Pillai played by Shwetha Menon, with her fiery attitude ruled the family under the tradition of Travancore. Kali got married to Sivan Pillai (Lal), a goon who lives on his own. In no time Kali through out her husbands from her house due to his behaviour and continued her life with her lone child Thanu Pillai, in the belief that her daughter in law should match her abilities. After the marriage of Thanu with Meenakshi things take a drastic change, as Kali's daughter in law wasn't like her, then began the nightmare for Meenakshi and her son Sharath and further moves on to the rest of the story.

                   Some questions may prevail throughout the movie on behaviour of characters, but scenarist and director managed to survive on that extent. Lal proved his calibre with the fine show of talent called acting and Mallika again no words performed her best to the character of Meenakshi. Asif Ali and Bhavana put on the decent show with their characters. Shwetha Menon looks little bit out of character, but maintained importance of Kali Pillai. Jagadish, Nandu and others made their characters looks to the fine category. Jeyamohan's script provides the new feel and his tamil touch to the story provides a boon to "Ozhimuri". Frames are perfect from the hands of Alagappan and Editing is on the good side with V.Sajan. For the lyrics of Vayalar Sarath Chandra Varma, Tunes and BGM were composed by Bijibal. For the banner of P.N.V.Associates, P.N. Venugopal is the producer of this malayalam movie "Ozhimuri".

                      Have your say on this once in a while good malayalam film "Ozhimuri" through your valuable comments in the below box........

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