Review : "Trivandrum Lodge"

Anoop Menon scores with his screenplay and his performance as actor and matter may go over the head with V.K.Prakash's direction. "Trivandrum Lodge's" bold and sensual scenes may not suitable for every viewer. So it may not that elegant to the family audience, rather then suits to the single audience. "Trivandrum Lodge" could be the best or may be the worst, so we leave it on audience. Its been interesting to see Kerala audience will accept this or not.......

         "Trivandrum Lodge" moves with the emotions of people staying in old and modest lodge called Trivandrum Lodge. Now we join this journey through the emotions of some people who has their own perspectives with their life. Abdu (Jayasurya) works for anything whether its a driving job or being in the worst category. Abdu's behavior looks uncanny with his sexual desires. Then there is Ravi Shankar (Anoop Menon), who happens to be
the rich man and owns the "Trivandrum Lodge". Ravi Shankar deals with the memories of his late wife Malavika (Bhavana). On the other side His son Arjun falls in love with his classmate Amala in the school.

               It talks all about Sex, In the next phase we have Dhwani (Honey Rose), who is a divorcee and comes up in the lodge with the motive her desires to be accomplished. Then we have Shibu Vellayani (Saiju Kurup) in the category of spending night 999 women in his life and wish his 1000th women would be a police woman. Another pationate love takes between an old man Arther (Janardhanan) and a old lady Peggy (Sukumari). Abdu and Dhwani's passionate love and relation aheads you to the rest of the plot.  

                 "Trivandrum Lodge" deals with the fine performances from the actors, but its vulgar dialogues take the toll of your patience. Anoop Menon and Jayasurya continued on their "Beautiful" performances through out this "Trivandrum Lodge". Dhwani was the surprise element, then there is Bhavana, Saiju Kurup, Janardhanan, Sukumari, P.Balachandran, Devi Ajith, Tesni Khan and others made their best to the elements of this malayalam movie.

                     Director V.K.Prakash takes the things for granted with his earlier movie "Beautiful" and goes beyond the expected limits. Anoop Menon is just superb with his pen and gave another scintillating script. In the technical aspect Pradeep Nair's cinematography proved to be a boon and Editing works good with the hands of Mahesh Narayanan. Music also adds perfect sense to this film with the tunes of M.Jayachandran which is being penned by Rafeeq Ahamed and Rajeev Nair. For the banner of Times Ads Entertainment, P.A.Sebastian is the producer of this malayalam movie "Trivandrum Lodge".

                      If you made it to this malayalam film "Trivandrum Lodge", then just drop on your comments.....

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