Review : "Banking Hours 10 to 4"

What if you go to the bank and something strange happens on that day, that is the sequence of  malayalam movie "Banking Hours 10 to 4". K.Madhu directed this movie works out on the new generation theme and this thriller took place in a bank, where the Director scores the mark for sure. "Banking Hours 10 to 4" gets a thumbs up from our side...., go for it...

      All set to get into the bank with the banking hours is about to begin..., Lemo Bank in Kochi is the destination, where customers and employees making their daily routine works without knowing that this day would be different from their other days. Now we have the characters that zoomed to the bank for their needs, A father and his daughter with their urgent works, a woman for the gold loan, girl's lover and her mates, a priest, a doctor and some guys with their dream to buy a car. When the film begins, we get some goosebumps that robbery is about to

        Hmmm........., a group of guys is already their with the plan of robbery and a wealthy man, who is about to take his flight at the noon, enters the bank. When clock hits some minutes past 10, some unfortunate incident took place that makes the scenario to be overtaken by the group of police. Now police needs to solve the mystery before the banking hours that ends by 4 because after this criminal may escape..., that leads to the rest of the story.

           Somewhere it takes you to the series of "CBI" ventures from Director K.Madhu, where the crime is occurred, then investigation and at last criminal picked up from the crowd. Director K.Madhu brilliantly executed the second half which is the life of this movie. In terms it feels that story moving little slowly regards to a thriller, that may be a negative point. Script from newcomer Sumesh and Amal bounds the situations under smart way and definitely appreciable, but some loopholes are easy pickings in the script.

              Anoop Menon again does the wonderful job to provide the strengthen character and Kailash also make his appearance a worth one. Meghnaraj, Jishnu, Shankar, Sudheesh, Ashokan, Tiny Tom, Sarayu, Shafna, Vishnupriya, Nishanth Sagar and others make their cast suits the plot. Saloo George's visuals and P.C.Mohanan's editing works out well. There are no songs, just background score from Rajamani that may be the reason to wrap up the whole suspense in two hours. Lemo Films Banner, Stephen Pathickal is the producer of this malayalam movie "Banking Hours 10 to 4".

               Point out your reasons to watch this suspense thriller malayalam film "Banking Hours 10 to 4" through your valuable comments.....

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