Review : "Manthrikan"

Escape from the magic of this malayalam movie "Manthrikan", that's what the thought comes to you while watching this film. Anil, who got out of the Anil - Babu team, treats this movie like a wonder for him that mixed up the whole scenario and ends up as a waste of time. Also it takes you to his earlier directed horror comedy flick. Totally outdated and leaves you with disappointment...., avoid this one......

        All sets up with a deadly soul started to kill people at the Shenai Mandiram in coorg. On that, Manapalli Bhattathiri called for to silent this ghost, where he chant mantras and trap the soul in a utensil, then it was buried underneath to save the people from her destruction.

           Now years later, ghost who was buried is now freed and turn violent again. People again
count on for Manapalli Bhattathiri, but they came to know that he is no more. Mukundan Unni (Jayaram) is the son of Manapalli Bhattathiri and doesn't have any magical skills that his father had. Mukundan Unni works as a peasant and his friends are Shekharan Kutty (Kalabhavan Shajohn) and Subramanian (Ramesh Pisharody). Mukundan and his friends deceived Nettikadan brothers played by Mahesh, Kottayam Naseer and Jayan. They promised to bring Nettikadan brothers, a beautiful girl and churns out the maximum money from the brothers. Soon Mukundan saves a girl (Poonam Bajwa) from the hands of goons and started to call her mallu as the girl doesn't know about her background. In this process Subramanian and Shekharan Kutty assured the people that Mukundan will catch the soul and that develops the story further to the climax.

            Jayaram tried his best to put some life in a lifeless character. Muktha scored on with the character of Yakshi. Poonam Bajwa doesn't put any impression that helps the poor story. Ramesh Pisharody, Kottayam Naseer, Kalabhavan Shajohn, Mahesh and others are just made a part of this ghost show. Script is the failure from Rajan Kiriyath and Anil's direction led the ship to sink in the middle. Vaidy S. Pillai's cinematography protect some respect for this film, otherwise music from S.Balakrishnan is a let down. Yes Cinema Company's Banner, Anand Kumar is the producer of this malayalam movie "Manthrikan".

               If you made it to this malayalam film "Manthrikan", then just put out your thoughts right below in the box through comments.......

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