KFEF Strike cripples the industry.....

Around 350 A class theatres under Kerala Film Exhibitors Federation remain closed due to their proposed strike. It is said to be a indefinite strike with the no screening, to put forward their demand of hike in service charges. Theatre owners decided to move on with the strike after the Kerala Government rejected their demand of hike in service charge.

   On this issue, Minister of Cinema, K.B.Ganesh Kumar said "The government cannot accept the demands of theatre owners and when Malayalam Cinema is going through a positive phase. Some people would always appear to do things to destroy the cinema when the industry is in a revival path,".

      Kerala Film Exhibitors Federation
President Liberty Basheer said that the service charge of Rs.2 was introduced way back in 2004 and since then, it had not been revised. "We are forced to go into the strike as the government declined to listen to our grievances," he added.

         In this service charge issue, government allowed theatre owners to levy a charge of Rs.2 in the cinema ticket for the maintenance of theatres. Now Kerala Film Exhibitors Federation demanded the hike in service charge from Rs.2 to Rs.7.

          With this strike of KFEF, Shafi directed "101 weddings" and M.Mohanan directed "916" have been delayed which were scheduled for this Friday. Another films which are already in theatres include Lal Jose's "Ayalum Njanum Thammil" and Mammootty's "Jawan of Vellimala" get affected with the strike. However Multiplexes and some cinemas in the town areas are not part of this proposed strike.

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