Prithvi apologize, civil warrant withdrawn

prithvi's civil warrant withdrawn
As the producer of the malayalam film "Urumi", Prithviraj, Santhosh Sivan and Shaji Nadeshan proposed their apology letter which resulted into the withdrawal of civil warrant against them. As we heard Delhi High Court issued civil warrant against the star Prithviraj and others regarding the Song Rights of malayalam film "Urumi".

      It is reported that famous Canadian musician Loreena Meckennitt's album "Ancient Muse" song Caravanserai is used in the movie "Urumi" without any prior
permissions or rights, which is resulted into the case against the producers of this malayalam film "Urumi". "Alakadalil Aaro" song from "Urumi" used the tune of "Caravanserai" by the Music Director Deepak Dev is the allegation.

         By providing Petition withdrawal documents to the local police, actor takes the sigh of relief and its next hearing is on Dec.4.

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