Review : "Ardhanaari"

Director Santhosh Sauparnika's "Ardhanaari" points out the plight of transgenders, but here and there it feels some lack of punch that it needed. However, Director needs to be applauded for the effort that he put on to showcase this life of transgenders, may be the first full fledged malayalam movie on this community of people. "Ardhanaari" is watchable, except some lack of goodness in the script and at last its your choice......

    Allright, "Ardhanaari" tells the story of Vinayan (Manoj K.Jayan), who born with the male hormons, but gets the emotions empowered in a woman. For this kind of behaviour, he occasionally get screwed by his brother. After getting lots of humiliation for his behaviour Vinayan decides the flee from the home.

    In  this run down from the home, Vinayan lands up in the community of Hijadas in the state of Tamil Nadu, where the people have their own lines and their own way of leaving life. Vinayan finds this a good place for him to live on, where he gets respect and love from other fellow people. Well, Thilakan played the head of this community, who orders the every moment of their community, later on it move on to some rituals they have under their kingdom, which leads to the rest of the story.

    Director Santhosh Sauparnika mainly concentrates on the life of transgenders and their plight, which led him to unseen the loopholes in the script. Performances from the actor Manoj K.Jayan, Thilakan, Sukumari and Maniyan Pilla Raju save the whole scenario from getting out of hand. Sai Kumar, Kochupreman, Ambika Mohan, Asha Sarath and others just made up to the occasion. Hemachandran's cinematography looks at the okay level, Abhilash's editing needs to be more sharp. Songs from M.G.Sreekumar as usual to the occasion and okay for the theme. M.G.Sounds and Frames Banner, M.G.Sreekumar is the producer of this malayalam movie "Ardhanaari".

   If you have made it to this malayalam film "Ardhanaari", then just share your thoughts with us through your valuable comments........

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