Review : "Idiots"

"Idiots" is meant to make a fool of yourself by watching this film, thats what comes to your mind while watching this malayalam movie "Idiots" directed by K.S.Bawa. It is all about idiotic version whether it is story or narration, it fails to live up to the expectation of a worth one. At the end, malayalam movie "Idiots" doesn't give the chance to viewers to observe that what's going on..., so its a thumbs down from us...

  All starts up with a rich girl (Sanusha), who wants to die in a peaceful manner, with this attitude she arranges a ruffian Beeran (Vijaya Raghavan). Reason behind her to choose the death is her ex boyfriend and she desperately needs to take the revenge with her death. On this task, Beeran looks to be a newbie, so he ask
Freddy (Baburaj), a juice vendor to perform this contract killing. Circumstances and Beeran's pressure led Freddy to accept the work that he didn't thought off. Now the stage is set for the killing and Freddy is on the way to that girl's house, in the middle a thief played by Asif Ali, enters the scenario, which confuse the girl by that thief would be the killer. In this hiccup, Freddy happens to arrive at the house which led to the rest of the plot.

  In this span, "Idiots" have lots more space for the humour, but the script just played the spoilsport on the spot. Interesting thing is that both the character of girl and thief, have no name. Asif Ali and Sanusha as usual doesn't give a sort of performances, especially Asif Ali. Baburaj looks to be on the good side with his usual manner, otherwise rest of the cast is pretty ordinary.

  Story from the Sangeeth Sivan, who also be the producer of this movie, reminds you of many old fashioned malayalam films, but the things went wrong with the timing, that get all mixed up. Pramod Varma's visual is all that you would get to enjoy. Songs are just at the okay level with the hands of Nandu Kartha and lyrics were penned by Rafeeq Ahamed and Santhosh Varma. Sangeeth Sivan Production and Capital Film Productions Banner, Sangeeth Sivan and T.P.Agrawal are the producers of this malayalam movie "Idiots".

  If you have made it to this malayalam film "Idiots", then don't forget to share your experience with us......

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