Review : "Kaashh"

"Kaashh" falls from the sky and fused up in the middle and in the end turns its way to all sorts of bearing capacity of a viewer. In terms of star cast, it could be a good attempt from the Director Sajith and Sujith to depend upon the newcomers to move on the "Kaashh". In the end its probably the script which played the spoilsport with its unconditional flavour of comedy and action.., we give "Kaashh" a thumbs down....

       All Right, "Kaashh" starts off with the four guys make a plan to abduct an industrialist Jayashankar's daughter Shreya (Leena Panchal). Four friends leader is Sharath (Rajeev Pillai), who's been doing this for
his friend Karunan (Tiny Tom), who get insulted from the hands of Industrialist Jayashankar. Now the plan is on and in the middle, there carelessness lands them in the trouble.

               After the police run, all of them knock down in the home of Devasiya (Innocent), now the characters came one by one in the home to get captive. The pizza boy Anniyappan (Dharmajan), Manager (Mamukoya), Moneylender (Chembil Ashokan), Home Guard (Suraaj Venjharamoodu) is now in the custody of these guys, which forms the rest of the story to the climax.

                  Sajith and Sujith's script with Vamanapuram Mani deals lots with the characters which make too much mockery of this film and there's not much to talk about the direction. CCL fame Rajeev Pillai looks good in the introduction, but later on he too goes down. Innocent, Suraaj Venjharamoodu, Mamukoya and other senior actors gave their best to provide some oxygen to "Kaashh", otherwise Bazil, Bineesh Kodiyeri, Leena Panchal, Vineeth Kumar had have any good effect to add on. Cinematography from S.B.Prijith not so worth as the team makes the perfect film. Sandeep Pillai's music not so favourable  with the situations. Oh My God Cinemas Banner, Sunil produced this malayalam movie "Kaashh" has been distributed by Shenoy Cinemax.

                    Put on your words here about this malayalam film "Kaashh" through your valuable comments......

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