Review : "Parudeesa"

Some faith and beliefs are questioned here in the malayalam movie "Parudeesa" which can't hold on to the expectations. R.Sarath directed "Parudeesa" seems to have lost in the narration pattern that despite the good story, it looks out of the path movie. In the conclusion this film "Parudeesa" disappoints you......

     Story takes place in the hillside village of Kerala between the two different periods. Here we have a priest Father Anjilithanam (Sreenivasan), who has his strong Orthodox belief and on the other side firebrand verger  Deacon Jose (Thampi Antony) in the church. Now we move on to the narration with Deacon Jose which develop the plot of "Parudeesa". After a scandal, Jose's name was raised as the suspect, which put Jose to stay away from the church and after a period of time people believe
that Jose is now no more. Story takes the turn when people get to know that Jose is still alive and now a priest. In this move of story some characters enter the scenario with a housemaid Theresia (Shwetha Menon) and Authachan (Jagathy Sreekumar), who is wealthy and a trustee of the church, which forms the rest of the story.

           Sreenivasan enacted well his priest character, while Jagathy Sreekumar and Shwetha Menon done their parts in pretty comfortable way. The man who covers the entire movie is Thampi Antony looks uncomfortable with his character of Deacon Jose. Nandu, Indranse and others made on their characters as well. Vinu Abraham doesn't put well effort to make it a perfect one and on the go R.Sarath's direction makes "Parudeesa" a unconventional flavour. 

               Sajan Kalathil's cinematography provide some good feel with the visuals and on the editing side by Ajith looks dull. Ouseppachan's Music is fine, but doesn't cure for the best. For the banner of Kayal Films, Thampi Antony is the producer of this malayalam movie "Parudeesa" which has been distributed by Remya Films.

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