Review : "Scene Onnu Nammude Veedu"

Performance of the cast sails the ship to the other side, that's what we can observe while go through this emotional saga of this malayalam film "Scene Onnu Nammude Veedu". Shaiju Anthikad direcotrial dolls out the film industry issues with the flavour of a family touch. Anyway there may be some element of doubt, but still you can give it a try to this film on a film industry.....

 It goes through the life of Ottapalam Unni (Lal), an associate director, who has his ambition to the direct his own movie some day. Here we have the family of Unni, consist of his wife Manju (Navya Nair) and their son. Manju works as a government school teacher and supports Unni for his dream to be accomplished. Unni known as a large hearted man with rectifying others
script without charging a penny, on the other hand if something irritates him it goes over his head with the anger. Attitude of being a rude person cost him with his first film as a director, as he had some spat with his producer, which gave him a bad image in the clan of this industry, especially with the other producers.

 In this time of failure, Manju always encourage her husband to stay in this field and we came to see that Unni is preparing to fly off to gulf to repay the loan that was borrowed for the film production and that led us to the rest of the plot.

 Director Shaiju Anthikad and Screenplay by Shylesh Divakaran is off a mixed flavour, which has every bit of emotion, drama and dialogues, even it reminds you of earlier malayalam movies based on the film industry. It could be made more precise and perfect to make it more enjoyable, but plot doesn't have that much to offer.

 Lal and Navya Nair played their respective character with the utmost perfection that it hold up some life for the script. Thilakan's last film gave him his best suitable salutation, Harishree Ashokan, Lalu Alex, Asif Ali, Sritha Sivadas, Sudheesh and other made their characters pretty comfortably. Azhagappan's cinematography and V.Saajan's editing works to the occasion. Songs are at the okay level with the touch of Ratheesh Vegha and lyrics were penned by Engendiyoor Chandrashekharan and Rafeeq Ahamed. For the banner of Ramya Movies, K.K.Narayandas and Jins Pulliparambil are the producers of this malayalam movie "Scene Onnu Nammude Veedu".

  Just put on your words here to describe your opinion about this malayalam film "Scene Onnu Nammude Veedu".........

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