'Chapters' Malayalam Movie Review

Sunil Ibrahim's Chapters Malayalam movie offers another multi linear format, often you have watched in recent flicks. Story hasn't have any new things to offer, but its narration pattern that binds you in a brilliant way and execution of scenes are perfect. At least you may not want to lose this Chapters.....

chapters malayalam movie

  • Storyline

 'Chapters' of this book, tells us the story of different mates in different links, who are desperate to do anything for their loved ones. In this way, first chapter came across Krishna Kumar (Nivin Pauly), who is in need of money for his sisters marriage and for this he and his friends move on for a risky attempt, which later on at last time they back off themselves. Second chapter source out the group of youngsters going for a picnic and they planned a registered marriage for their two of the friends on the next day. After the enjoyment of picnic, when friends return to their car, they found the dead body, which leaves them in terror.

 Third Chapter describe the travelling of a middle aged man Sethu (Sreenivasan) in a bus, who is suspicious of other passengers travelling along with him. Old man is on the way for his son's treatment and for that he is carrying a large amount of money. Now we came to know that first half is over and in the second half, we get to know about the links between this chapters, that forms the rest of the story.

  • Technical and Acting Performance

 Director Sunil Ibrahim succeeded in handling all the characters, which move through the whole film. Script from the director himself played the best phenomena to understand the characters pretty well. Nivin Pauly finds on the good side after his poor shows in last two films and things go in tandem finished, while some characters like of Arun by Vineeth Kumar, Choonda by Shine and Sreenivasan done Sethu, looks pretty conivincing. KPAC Lalitha, Lena, Gauthami Nair, Rejith Menon, Riya Saira, Hemanth and others made up to their characters.

 Krish Kymal's visuals are good, while Editing done by V.Sajan jells the occasion in a fine way. Songs are also hearable with the tunes of Mejo Joseph and lyrics were penned by Rafeeq Ahamed and M.R.Vibin. For the banner of Qurban Films with Campus Oak, Shafeer Sait is the producer of this film.

 Have you gone through this Malayalam film 'Chapters', then don't forget to share your opinion with us through your valuable comments....

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