Review : "Da Thadiya"

Thadiyan engrossed its name in the hearts that you would be enamoured after watching this malayalam movie "Da Thadiya". Aashiq Abu try's to change the intuitive understanding of people, who out cornered the obese persons like a strange substance. Director once again clean bold the image of conventional films with the loud scream of "Da Thadiya"......

 Flashback begins with Luke John Prakash (Shekhar Menon), whose whopping weight of 120 kg caters him for cheerful life without much off worry. Luke grows up in the shadow of his grandfather's image, who was the first Mayor of Kochi and now his father John Prakash (Maniyan Pilla Raju) carry on the rest of the political satire along with
his brother Jose Prakash (Edavela Babu). Luke gets the wholehearted support from his grandmother (Arundhati Nag), who used to be called as Night rider. Another one to mention is Sunny alias Shaddi (Sreenath Bhasi), happens to be the cousin of Luke and narrates the story in a charming way.

 An incompatibility between opinions held when Luke met his old childhood schoolmate Ann Mary Thadikkaran (Ann Augustine), who was in comparison in size with Luke during the school time and now a lean girl, who strings the rythem of love in Luke. Ann Mary persuade Luke to do the Ayurvedic treatment by Rahul Vaidyar (Nivin Pauly) to look more smart and healthy. With this treatment things get the new ways in a fairy tale.....

 Scenarist thinks more on the out of the world situations, but things look convincing when we go through the narration. Dilesh Nair, Abhilash Kumar and Shyam Pushkaran deserves the applause to pick up the script, which gave the message that despite of being a fat person, live your life to the fullest with no tension. Aashiq Abu, who's acknowledged brilliance in the given theme is desirable, whether it is Sunny's narration or to provide the basics to the script.

 Shekhar Menon is just meant for his character and did it in fantabulous way, Sreenath Bhasi maintained the whole mood of the film and put on his apt skill on the display. Ann Augustine and Nivin Pauly looks charming, while Arundhati Nag, Maniyan Pilla Raju, Edavela Babu, Jayaraj Warrier, Vinay Fort, Sriraman and others gave their ample support to the theme.

  Again one of the best in the industry is on display with the hands of Cinematographer Shyju Khaleed, who also been the Editor works out the wonder. Music is again is the speciality of this Aashiq Abu's movie, Bijibal designed whats the need of the trend with the lyrics of R.Venugopal. For the banner of Anto Joseph Film Company in association with OPM Cinemas, Anto Joseph is the producer of this malayalam movie "Da Thadiya".

  Let us know your response towards this malayalam film "Da Thadiya" through your opinion......

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