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Actor Bala written, directed and produced malayalam movie "Hitlist" is like nothing new in the Pandora's box, Some good action sequence takes you to the thrill, but at the end it goes like just a waste of proceedings and especially when its pasted from a foreign film. "Hitlist" fails to provide the thrilling substance for the viewers as the shots are predictable and that's why it's better to avoid this one....

 Vikram Rathore (Bala) is  a cop and after the death of his wife (Sandhya), Vikram seems to be leading solitary life and keeps his image of a serious guy. Occasionally on suspension for his firm duty, Vikram
assigned with the duty of collecting clues about a serial killer, who targets the police officer in one by one manner. In fact Killer (Dhruv) is roaming free around the police, because they don't have any strong evidences against the killer.

 In this way, we move through the reason behind all these murders and the police findings with the death of character played by Unnimukundan, whose sister is Avanthika (Aiswarya Devan) and her love story, which leads us to the rest of the story.

 With this kind of script, where director and lead actor is same there seems to be hardly any chance for the betterment. It could be more precise with the plot, however Bala's debut as a director with the movie "Hitlist" goes beyond the limits that is not tolerable. In performance side, Bala did his best to catch the maximum shots with his muscle show and Kannada actor Dhruv deserves the special mention and Dhruv is unable to speak and hear, but with the movie "Hitlist", he outperformed everybody else. Otherwise no one response the best with their characters, Aishwarya Devan, Sandhya, Tiny Tom, Unni Mukundan, Riyaz Khan, Suresh Krishna and others include the actors list. Narain and Unni Mukundan is just for their while to enhance the star power, nothing else.

Madhu Neelakandan's cinematography is nice and the songs are also good with the music direction from Alphons Joseph and lyrics were penned by Santhosh Varma and Jophy Tharakan. For the banner of Arunachalam Pictures, Bala is the producer of this malayalam movie "The Hitlist".

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