Review : "Yakshi Faithfully Yours"

Debutante Abhiram Suresh Unnithan fails to put on the impression with his malayalam movie "Yakshi Faithfully Yours". In front script is not caricatured in a proper manner, that's pushed aside the performance side, which is also not worth. On a note, avoid this "Yakshi Faithfully Yours" and take some good breathe......

 It talks about the group of young lads, who goes on for everything with their documentary making. In this way, documentary film making moves towards the subject "Yakshi". One of the lads
convince the others that his old ancestral house is perfect for their documentary and it takes them to the life of his grandfather who was killed by a Yakshi.

 Young guys know nothing about the proceedings and suggest his buddy to not to go ahead with this documentary as there are many other topics available in front of them. With the go they came to know more about the deadly Yakshi, who drinks the blood of virgin young man for her survival, that's form the crux of the story, which takes you to the climax.

 Abhiram Suresh Unnithan's direction shows no depth as you never get the feel of horror kind of something while watching this "Yakshi". Things would have been different if the crew understand the possibilities of a good film. Jemin Jom's cinematography and Sobhin K.Soman's editing doesn't work out to gave a horror look to the film.

 Avanthika Mohan, who played the Yakshi, has got nothing much on performance basis and in the whole she pretends to be in an old era film. Faizal, Deepak, Manoj, Akhil, Parvathy Nair, Ved, Devan, Ambika and others just add count to the cast. Aravind Chandrashekhar's music leave no impact to the audience. Sea Shell Movies banner, Madhusoodhanan Mavellikara is the producer of this malayalam movie "Yakshi Faithfully Yours".

 If you made it to this malayalam film "Yakshi Faithfully Yours", then just write on your thoughts in comments box......


  1. it wasn't that bad..give it a try as an experimental work..don't always go behind entertainment stuffs..

    1. Hahaha!
      ^ This comment surely has to be from Abhiram Suresh!!!
      :D :P :P

  2. Edo Abhiram suresh unnithyanne.....thanikku oru paniyum ella alle??? camereyum diariyum ninakku kittiyathananalle paranje...???? athupole cheemottayum kallerum nattukarude aduthu ninnu kittum...50 minuttulla documentary film enna peril erakki alukale pattikkalanalle udhesham......oru handicamum pidichu erangikkolum......avante faithfully yours........

    1. mr..try to use a bit of manners which u surely dont have..anyway its easy to blame try to make a film by our socalled great direction style..ninnakku anthe mutta kittum annu appo ariyam mone..comment cheyan ulle status ankilum undakada..avante oru comment..go to hell...

  3. I thought Parvati Nair's cameo performance in the film was worth a mention..

  4. I can't believe such shallow movie even gets released!
    And to think folks were criticizing Santhosh Pandit?!!
    To begin with, I have to say, what were these guys thinking while laying out the script???
    And the story - it's a story that can be dealt with in such beautiful ways, but the concept itself went awry after the first few minutes of the movie!
    And atleast new generation movie makers ought to make the best of the technical aspects atleast. I pity the cinematography and editing. Please, our generation expects so much more. Be it experimental or down right worked upon, one has to put in effort. And believe me, having worked in the industry tirelessly for around 7 years, this IS DEFINITELY NOT the kind of effort that we expect from new gen. directors.
    A father's name or few bucks don't do in the industry alone. Commitment, vision and insight are equally important.


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