Review : "Annum Innum Ennum"

Contemporary to its subject, Rajesh Nair directed malayalam movie "Annum Innum Ennum" reminds the theme of Hindi movie "Life in a Metro", despite that its fresh feel provide some good depth to the characters and simply it has its moments, but ambiguity in narration somewhere cause the stuck. Whole we can say that one time watch........

 Story mainly concentrates different formats of life, here we have a writer Sridhar (Jishnu Raghavan), who's dealing with his inability to write, for the past five years and his wife Anjana (Radhika) provide her
possible support by working, to meet the expenses of their family. On the other side, Sidharth Menon (Siddique) and Indu (Rekha) have got separated recently, where we go through that Sidharth shows sense of urgency to his next marriage with Dolly.

 As we move more, we came to Anjana's boss Roy (Nishan), who is kind of upset with his wife and stare at every point to find some better partner for him. Indu go through her mist life and meets Dr. Benjamin Bruno to understand what causes her marital life in this way..., so in this process it moves through the several characters to reach out their suffering life, form the rest of the plot.

 Especially in terms of character, it has too many to handle and in directions aspect Rajesh Nair done some good hand, meanwhile the script not looked satisfying in the second half. Script could be more precise and good, if it had been treated well. Prashanth Krishna's visuals feel the way, it had been nurtured. V.Saajan's editing also takes good side of "Annum Innum Ennum".

 Jishnu Raghavan and Radhika showcased their best to sort out the characters they played, where Siddique played his character in a fair manner. Nishan, Rekha, Thilakan, Tashu Kaushik, Salim Kumar, Ashokan, Seema G.Nair, Rosin Jolly, Bijukuttan and others done their parts as usual. Songs also supports the theme with the Music of Varun Unni and lyrics were penned by B.K.Harinarayanan and Venugopal R. For the banner of Vaya Films, Usha Umesh is the producer of this malayalam movie "Annum Innum Ennum", which is being distributed by UTV Motion Pictures Release.

 Come forward to put on your opinion about this malayalam film "Annum Innum Ennum", through your valuable comments........

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