Review : "Isaac Newton S/o Philipose"

Isaac Newton altogether gave a laborious effort, where the director's IQ level mismatched with the script of this malayalam movie "Isaac Newton S/o Philipose". Frantic attempt to finish the things off led this film to the big letdown. V.Bosse and scenarist support the condition to get total failure..., verdict is miserable..

 Philipose (Nedumudi Venu) wants his ward to be an engineer, meanwhile Isaac (Lal) finds hard to clear his tenth class examination. Isaac has his two
good pals played by Tiny Tom and Dharmajan Bolgatty, who could do anything for their friend Isaac. With the desire to clear his tenth exams, Isaac gave about 18 exams, but all went vain.

 In the midst of this, Isaac falls in love with the teacher named Annie (Abhinaya) and wants to marry her, but things get over with the condition put on forward by his father Philipose, that he will have to clear his tenth class exams with good marks to get married to Annie, which forms the rest of this story.

 As there is nothing to add words about direction, V.Bosse messed up with the surrounding of script prepared by Harish - Unni, which has several loopholes in the interpretation. Cinematography doesn't get the support to form the proper visuals, while Editing is done by Raja Muhammed, who also felt tremble with this movie.

 Lal and Nedumudi Venu doesn't seems to be interested in the proceedings, otherwise rest of the cast include Tiny Tom, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Abhinaya, Indranse, Suraaj Venjharamoodu, Kalabhavan Shajohn and others seems to be in patch to suite their characters. Music is also not like of Bijibal's caliber, with the lyrics of Vayalar Sarath, Rajeev Allunkal, Santhosh Varma. For the banner of Mabmaj Productions, Muraleedharan is the producer of this malayalam movie "Isaac Newton S/o Philipose".

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