Review : "Lisammayude Veedu"

Babu Janardhan sticks to the basics and leaves a feeling of expectations for the people who face the ferocious experiences in their life. "Lisammayude Veedu" communicates that it is not the end, there is lot more to live beyond that....,  Another socially relevant issue in today's scenario and superb performance from the lead, needs to be appreciated....

 As it is the sequel, it's now subjected to the grown up story of Lisamma (Meera Jasmine), who became the prey of this brutal society. After the loss of self respect from every corner of society, Samuel (Salim Kumar) and his family shifts their home to Kasargod with the hopes
of having a new life. Samuel still reeling in the shock of hell bent trauma happened in his life and to his daughter, Samuel behaves in a lunatic manner and still trust that administration will take the necessary action for her daughters cause.

 Lisamma now finds her way to the daily bread for her family, in this span of time she came one on one with Sivan (Rahul), a self biased trade union leader and with the result of this Sivan develops the soft corner for Lisamma, which leads to their marriage. Fate again was not with the Lisamma tends to the state of grief with the loss of her husband due to some political issues in the party. Lisamma decides to take on this evil forces with her own way, that forms the rest of the part.

 Director Babu Janardhan consciously delivered the after effect in a rape victims life and takes a dig on the society for their outlook towards the rape victim. Script also written in a tight way to convey the importance of this film, which provide the new light and hope for the people gone through these experiences. Sinu Sidharth done his best to adapt the life of "Lisamma" through his visuals. Songs finds the smooth combination with the narration by Vinu Thomas with the lyrics of Pradeep P.T.

 Meera Jasmine made it in a emphatic way to do the character of this caliber and her return proved a worth one. Salim Kumar is no doubt superb, continued his legacy where he left in "Achanurangatha Veedu". Rahul Madhav also gave his fine show to the character. Jagadeesh, P.Sreekumar, V.K.Sreeraman, Sangeetha Mohan, Shruthi Menon and others gave their ample support to the film to be a good one. For the banner of Green Advertising, Saleem P.T. is the producer of this malayalam movie "Lisammayude Veedu".

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