Review : "Maad Dad"

Petulantly crafted "Maad Dad" missed out the screws to bound the circumstances and it seems that Revathy Varmha deliberately intended to fabricate the emotions, which may not get the everyone's consent. Film has its moments in visuals, but at the end things came to the whole package, where this film fails to fulfill the hopes...

 Palachottil Geevargees Kuriyakose Eashow (Lal), as he wants that everyone chants his full name, so we go through the several times with this name in the
movie. Focus is on the relationship between the daughter Mariya (Nazriya Nazim) and father Eashow, where father tends to care more about his daughter like a crazy one. Meanwhile, Eashow commemorates his wife Anuradha (Meghnaraj), who died in an accident.

 After completing her studies in abroad, Mariya arrives back to test her fathers love by telling Eashow that she is in love with a guy named Bonnie (Sreejith Vijay), and from there on begins the Mariya's test of temperament to save her father, which takes you to the rest of the story.

 Lal's performance looks unsubtle in terms of his role, where Nazriya Nazim excelled in her character. otherwise Meghnaraj, Kovai Sarala, Vijaya Raghavan, Pooja Gandhi, Janardhanan, Aishwarya and others gave the impression of being clumsy. Alex Paul's Music is fine, but the things get overdoes with the number of songs used.

 Narrativity could be more precise in the script, where the second half gets out of way with the pace of storyline. Director Revathy S.Varmha scattered the emotions in the kitty in a different direction, which turns out to the disappointing style. Pradeep Nair's cinematography is attractive, but don't get the basic support from the script. For the banner of P.N.V.Associates, P.N.Venugopal is the producer of this malayalam movie "Maad Dad".

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