Review : "Oru Yathrayil"

Anthology directed by four directors Major Ravi, Priyanandan, Mathews and Rajesh Amanakara, seems to have some missing links that make the things as imitation of a story which has nothing too much to offer. Once in a while movie "Oru Yathrayil", could pretend the things in a better way rather than a meek appearance...

 Four stories told in a sequential narration by few guys, who hope to make it large in the field of cinema, they have their own perceptional approach towards the story of each other, which is being served one by one
towards you ..., first one is "Honeymoon" directed by Rajesh Amanakara, which dolls out the life of recently married couple lives around a squalid place and concentrates on their conditional acceptance surrounding around them. Second one is "I Love My Appa" directed by Mathews, discuss the relationship in the space of a family, where a father's upheaval behaviour towards his son deal the consequences of the proceedings. Father's exploding anger came to peace with a incident, there he gets to know the value of a child, is the short stint of this narration.

 Third one is "Marichavarude Kadal" directed by Priyanandan, deals with the elderly couple played by Vineeth Kumar and Remya Nambeeshan, who stick to their strong principles of Gandhian era and condemn the decline of that in today's perspective. This narration of this anthology shows some depth in the characters. Fourth one is "Amma" directed by Major Ravi, weaves the story of a elder woman, who gets reprimand and disliked by her husband and childrens. At last husband and children regret their response and realize the importance of her, forms the part.

 Scripting could be the problem as in a sequential manner, it wasn't looks convincing as it moves on, Priyanandan's part gave some instinctive feel, rest of the others are just the impression of below average. Apart from some good cinematography, there nothing more to speak about. Rajesh Amanakara, Mathews and Major Ravi's part doesn't gets the tandem to the right path.

 Vineeth Kumar and Remya Nambeeshan gave their fullest to the characters with some good old age looks. Kannan Pattambi, Pooja, Master Vivas, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Jayan Cherthala, Janardhanan, Sukumari and others done their characters in a usual way. For the banner of S.J.M.Entertainments, Sibi Thottupuram, Jobi Mundamattam and Mathews are the producers of this malayalam movie "Oru Yathrayil".

 Speak out your opinion about this malayalam film "Oru Yathrayil", whether it is good or bad, let us know through your valuable comments......

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