Dileep to enact Charlie Chaplin in "Manoradham"...

Dileep to enact Charlie Chaplin
Dileep is kind of used to the new avatar with his forthcoming projects, we heard that now its the chance of Charlie Chaplin to be enacted by Dileep. After focusing on a woman character in "Mayamohini" and now with the ongoing project "Sound Thoma" will see him in different look.

 "Manoradham" is the movie, in which Dileep will enact the character in Charlie Chaplin style. R.Sukumaran will direct this movie, in which the
central character is of the stone mason, who produce the affectation which tickles the bone of the people around him. Dileep's character goes through several problems in his life, due to the some unintentional behaviour of him.

 After the movie "Yugapurushan", R.Sukumaran scripting and directing this malayalam film "Manoradham" will have the cinematography works from Ramchandra Babu. It will go on the floor after the completion of "Sound Thoma". Ambalakara Films banner, K.Anil Kumar is the producer of this movie. Other proceedings are in its pre production stage.

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