Review : "Celluloid"

'Celluloid' Malayalam movie review
Unbelievable stuffs comes in front of you, that life concern to father of Malayalam Cinema looks pretty intricate. Director Kamal deserves the wholehearted applause for the purity of this film. The aristocracy persist on this biopic based on the life of exceptional intellectual personality of Malayalam Cinema, that is Jivanayakam Cyril Daniel Nadar....

 Dreams are all you have to aim for, that's what we came to conclusion after goes through this tragic life of J.C.Daniel. The man who presented the "Celluloid" in front of the Malayalam viewers, where it all began the proceedings to establishment of the Malayalam Cinema. J.C.Daniel (Prithviraj) trend out to entertain the people with his visual surprise, being taught the lessons of film making from Dada Saheb Phalke, who
was the founder of Indian Cinema.

 J.C.Daniel's determination in the film making resulted in the first Malayalam film "Vigathakumaran", which introduced the first heroine, P.K.Rosy (Chandni). Problems started to take place with the arrival of a labour girl P.K.Rosy as the heroine, which irked some social elements in the community and there starts the protest against this form of art. Because of the protest, Rosy forced to leave her native and later no one knows her whereabouts.

 Janet (Mamta Mohandas), wife of J.C.Daniel, supports him all along on every step, meanwhile "Vigathakumaran" stumbled his position in financial terms, while we go through the rest of the tale with the effort of film journalist Chellangatt Gopalakrishnan (Sreenivasan) to find out the lost glory..

  Director Kamal showcased the new aspects towards the young generation with his brilliant attempt to prepare the script based on Vinu Abraham's novel. Exact credit goes to the Make up artist Pattanam Rasheed to display the real sense of history. Venu adapted the frames that perfectly speaks about "Celluloid".

 Prithviraj successfully rendered the character of J.C.Daniel, as it could be the best one to judge it from the climax of this film. Chandni put on the valiant effort to live up the character of P.K.Rosy, while Mamta Mohandas too came up with the nice display of acting.  Sreenivasan, T.G.Ravi, Shruthi Dilip, Siddique, Irshad, Thampi Antony, Sreejith Vijay and others made justice to their respective characters. Songs are too good with the hands of M.Jayachandran and with the lyrics of Rafeeque Ahamed and Engendiyoor Chandrashekharan. For the banner of Prime Time Cinemas, Kamal and Ubaid are the producers of this film.

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