Review : "Cowboy"

P.Balachandrakumar's first venture in malayalam cinema seems to be a kind of dilettantism in terms of screenplay and added to the foe, the film has nothing such aspect in the department of performances as well. With this poor film making, it was drab compare to the recent films released during this weekend. At the end,  Makers would have to place the special seats to bound the viewers.., otherwise no way...

 Vinay (Asif Ali) owns a pub in Kuala Lumpur, where he resides with his family. Vinay's father, mother and sister used to dislike him, while his nephew loves Vinay the most and vice versa for Vinay as well. Now some misdeed
personalities Xavier (Bala) and his associate Laila (Archana) enters the scenario to make the proceedings worse.

 On a certain, Vinay takes the responsibility to deliver his nephew at the airport, where the boy would be handed over to his sister. On the way Vinay and his nephew were got kidnapped by Xavier and on a gun point, for his nephews life, Xavier put on the condition before Vinay, that to kill the Indian minister Renuka Menon (Kushbu), there it takes you to the rest of this "Cowboy".

 Director seems to have copied some Hollywood style, that too would have gone berserk. V.S.Sudhakaran Nair's script didn't looks to be of even average scale, dialogues and acting add more blows from behind. Visuals by Sanjeev Shankar provide some respite, else it would had been more painful.

 Asif Ali deprived his chances by picking up these kind of silly films, that hampers his career. Bala sort of at the okay level, Mythili too wasted in the movie, Kushbu, Lena, Sai Kumar and others are being not pleasant with their characters. Songs are good, but won't work out with this movie, which is composed by Berny Ignatius and the lyrics were penned by Kaithapram and Meenachi Sundaram. For the banner of Mary Matha Productions, K.Anil Mathew is the producer of this malayalam movie "Cowboy".

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