Review : "David & Goliath"

The film doesn't seems to be imbued with the potential ardour that its title "David & Goliath" promise to offer.Some lessons we should need to learn from this movie, but somewhere gave a feel that it could be more vibrant to put on the high standards in the film making. At last, not a serious attempt..., "David & Goliath" is an average one..

 Story is setup around a church, where we have David (Jayasurya), an orphan and his upbringing has been done by church's priest. Extremely talented David explores his talent by making new electronic devices with whatever available resources, despite the fact that David is not that much to education. Meanwhile, David and Oyudachan (Indranse) are looking for a new shelter, because the church land belongs to a Bengali Landowner.Here we also have the love interest of David, that is Sharon (Soumya), unfortunately things wouldn't work as expected.

 In between we go through Jaynamma (Lena), who supports David in his poor time. As its title is of two ancient characters, next one is Goliath develops through Sunny (Anoop Menon), who is in sorrow of his lost business, came on to meet the David through one of David's invented instrument. Now both are good friends and work on some big apparatus project, where Sunny takes the the whole credit by presenting the apparatus in front of the world, but when David came to know about this dishonest behaviour of Sunny, things started to take the turn, which form the rest of this plot.

 Screenplay has nothing too much to gloat about, but things may get polished well enough to put on some enthusiasm on the screen. Rajeevnath's direction also doesn't seems to be on interesting side, Jithu Damodar's cinematography apt for the Art direction by Arkkan Kollam. Editing by Xian wasn't look good.

 Anoop Menon and Jayasurya done their characters in their usual manner, Soumya wasn't up to the mark, while P.Balachandran managed some good scenes. Lena, Sukumari, Anumol, Indrans and others have gave their average to the characters. Songs provide some good feel to the time with the hands of Ratheesh Vegha and Rafeeq Ahamed. For the banner of Sal Roza Motion Pictures and Line of Colors, Sudeep Karat and Arun MC are the producers of this malayalam movie "David & Goliath".

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