Review : "Dracula 2012"

New location, nice 3D special effects and a weak storyline mixed up by the Director Vinayan to the extent that "Dracula 2012" screams out to be an below average one. Without any proper script and characterization                                                   "Dracula 2012" promises to land you in the middle of a freak kind of situation. At last we leave it on you to decide the fate of this "Dracula".........

 Newly married couple Roy (Sudheer Sukumaran) and Lucy (Priya) decide to go for a honeymoon trip to Transylvania in Romania, where the spirit of count Dracula sustained. On their visit to Bran Castle, Roy feels
the presence of the evil spirit and in no time the devil surrounds the body of Roy. After some shots you get to know that Roy is now the new Dracula.

 The new one returns with the name of Prof. William D'Souza, resides in a dark manor house, where he came into the contact of Raju (Aryan). There begins the search of sexually attractive women's to fulfill the Dracula's desire to drink blood. Here and there it rewinds the past to showcase the Dracula's lady love and he finds the look alike also, which weave the story to the climax.

 As the deficiency in the script, movie fully depends on the technical side so there also it goes a big letdown to show the frames in a jumbled process. However the star value matters the most, in which the Director Vinayan doesn't get the fate in his way. Cinematography is also goes the same verdict as it wasn't do good without any sensible plot. Nishad Yousef's editing looks childish, rather a confusing one.

 Three biggies of acting world, Thilakan, Prabhu and Nassar were not utilized well enough to put on some impact. Sudheer Sukumaran, Monal Gajjar, Aryan, Shradha Das, Krishna, Sana Oberoi and others acting were not up to the marks. Babith George's music also not goes well with the theme. Akash Films banner produced this malayalam movie "Dracula 2012" has been distributed by Akash Films release.

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