Review : "Housefull"

Linson Antony directed malayalam film "Housefull" targets the soft emotions with its plot not so of a good kind, just for entertainment it can get a consideration. Scenarist Shyju Nambiath came on with the simple script, where the performance from the major lead also dulls out the show. At conclusion it turns up a one time watch....

 "Housefull" dwells out the story of a police constable Adithyan (Tiny Tom), who's looking for a good girl to get married. Emily (Jyothirmayi) works as a sales girl, while both Adithyan and Emily has met several
occasions, but never came up to the level of marriage. Especially both are from two different religion, there we goes through the first half.

 When Adithyan doesn't get a bride, on a sudden Emily ask him to marry her, there begins the pool of problems. After the marriage, Emily gets pregnant with some treatment, where god gift them with four children on a single delivery. On the contrary there begins the problem with the nurturing of four kids, which forms the rest of this plot.

 No big stars may be the letdown of this film, but Linson Antony wrap up the proceedings like it a laughing gag, that would have watched several times on Televisions. Script could be more engaging, which points out on particular situation. Neil D' Cunha's visuals as just basic one, Shyam Sasidhar's editing also looks average.

 Tiny Tom shares the good screen presence with his character, where he making his debut as a lead actor. Jyothirmayi fails to put on the impression, Shammi Thilakan, Kalashala Babu, Bhagath Manuel, Bheeman Raghu and others just at the average level. Songs are that of okay level with the hands of Sejo John and Ram Surendar, where the lyrics have been penned by Santhosh Varma, Engendiyoor Chandrashekharan and Vayalar Sarathchandra Varma. For the banner of Movie Master, Jomon Antony is the producer of this malayalam movie "Housefull".

 Just put on your words here about this malayalam film "Housefull" through your valuable comments.........


  1. What are you telling man,,,,, this is a cute movie to watch with family.all individuals did a good job in this film

  2. Boring Padam..........


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