Silver Jubilee for Sethurama Iyer....!

Sethurama Iyer turns to silver jubilee
History is always be cherished, that can be proved by the character Sethurama Iyer, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary of its birth. Giving new dimensions to the investigative thrillers in Malayalam Cinema, "Oru CBI Diary Kurippu" was released way back in 1988 and now this year it past 25 years for the character Sethurama Iyer.

 As the first film's discussion were going on, Mammootty's presence cleared all my doubts regarding the subject and character, ' said Director
Madhu. Scenarist S.N.Swamy's story line was pretty clear with the image of a Investigative CBI Officer, reminds Madhu. Rest is history, where the character's entry tune were on the lips of cinema lovers.

 First part was a massive hit, then there begins the proceedings of its sequel by the producers. Sunitha Production produced second part is "Jagratha", where it goes up to the subject of film industry, though the second part wasn't work out as expected. Third part came after the long gap of 16 years, titled as "Sethurama Iyer CBI" in 2004, follows by its fourth part "Nerariyaan CBI" in 2005, which shares the good time at the Box Office.

  If the reports to be believed, fifth part is on the way, where Director Madhu and Scenarist S.N.Swamy once again teams up to weave another investigative thriller. Wishes to the Sethurama Iyer for this silver jubilee celebration.....

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