"Dracula 3D" to follow by "Little Superman"

Vinayan announced his next film
After getting the mix response for his recently released malayalam film "Dracula 2012", director Vinayan reported to began the works of his next project and it will be again a 3D film from the director. Vinayan had faced the many difficulties from the film organization during his last films shoot.

 "Little Superman" titled film pre production works are going on and Its cast & crews detail will be revealed later. As per the reports the film will have a
boy with superpower and a dog in the mainstream character. Vinayan had given many blockbuster movies like "Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njanum", "Albhoothadweep", "Independence Day" and others include to his credits.

 Recently released "Dracula 3D" got a mixed response from certain parts and it is being declared a hit and now its turn for another 3D film from the director. hmmm...., Superman seems to have some flying as well, isn't it.....!

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