Review : "Ithu Pathiramanal"

Compass bearings move through the device and wasn't showing any direction, think about the situation...., that's the similar situation with M Padmakumar's directorial "Ithu Pathiramanal". However the things that don't expected from the caliber of director and scenarist came out in a mediocre way. It could be a good watch if you won't assume too much...., that's all....

 All set for the revenge story, Johnkutty (Jayasurya) earns his bread for the family by  working in a chit company and his family consist of wife Ambika (Shalu Menon) and a child Eldho (Master Siddharth). On a certain note, a police constable Shouri (Pradeep Rawath) put on his
bad eyes on Ambika, which led to the rape. Afterwards it follows the spat between Shouri and Johnkutty, where Johnkutty gets killed by Shouri.

 Few years have passed and Eldho (Unni Mukundan) grows up to a masculine look and now he wants to seek the revenge from his fathers killer. Eldho and his friends set on the new business and reach the village Pathiramanal, while their motive is to find out the Shouri and they came to know that he is in Jail. In the middle of the business, some issues have given the moments that cause Shouri's daughter Sara (Remya Nambeesan) to fall in love with Eldho, now everything is planned, meanwhile you have to wait till the end to get some serious punch.......

 Instinct to the new phenomenon is missing here, where "Ithu Pathiramanal" restricts the potential showcasing of story telling. M Padmakumar and crew hasn't notice the perfect pitch of this story and move to the old narration pattern. Babu Janardhanan also came up with the ordinary script, where it mainly concentrates on the prominent figure. Manoj Pillai's cinematography remarkably showcased the scenes in depth.

 Unni Mukundan somehow managed the character of Eldho and get on his best in the climax. Remya Nambeesan gave her average to the character, while best shot was given by Pradeep Rawath. Jayasurya, Shalu Menon, Kunjan, Bhagath Manuel give the good support to their characters. Songs are nice with the touch of Afzal Yusuf and the lyrics were penned by . For the banner of Malayalam Movie Makers, Haseeb Haneef is the producer of this malayalam movie "Ithu Pathiramanal".

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