Review : "Kili Poyi"

Forget about the script as it has nothing too much to contemplate its success, malayalam movie "Kili Poyi" moves on a specific plot and contains a lot of witty remarks. As its censor certificate certified that movie is not for everyone, aimed at the boozers. It can be entertaining, if you are ready to leave your intellectual capacity at home......

 Kili Poyi....!, talks about the two metro sexual guys Chacko (Asif Ali) and Hari (Aju Varghese) working in an advertising firm in Bengaluru and to get some relief from the day to day mental torture of their boss Radhika (Sandra Thomas), both Chacko and Hari decides
to make a relaxing trip to the Goa. On this relaxation they enjoyed the every bit, even they came on to meet the beauty named Rachel (Sabreen Baker).

 Now the trip is over, both are preparing to get back to their hectic schedule and on this return journey they mistakenly put on the wrong bag with them. After this the bag becomes the center of attraction, which follows the drug mafia and the cops running behind it, which weave the plot to the interesting climax.

 Director Vinay Govind and his crew of writers Vivek Ranjit and Joseph Kurian used the excessive amount of abusive language with not much importance to the predictable storyline, where you would feel that it is too much exaggerated to its limit. Pradheesh M.Varma gave some fine shots in the frame, Mahesh Narayanan produced some good cuts to the reels.

 Asif Ali looks in a good touch to his raunchily written character, same for the Aju Varghese. Sandra Thomas gave her best, Raveendran's look as Disco Douglas came handy, Sreejith Ravi, Sampath Raj, Samata Agrawal, Mrdul Nair, Joju George, Sabreen Baker, M.Bawa and others have managed their characters efficiently. Musician Rahul Raj composed the songs in a needful manner, while the best one was his background score which all along maintain the activity. For the banner of SJM Entertainments, Siby Thottupuram and Joby Mundamattom are the producers of this malayalam movie "Kili Poyi".

 If you have watched this malayalam film "Kili Poyi", then let us know your opinion through your comments....

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