Review : "Lucky Star"

Director from the Sathyan Anthikad family, Deepu Anthikad made a justifiable effort with his first malayalam film "Lucky Star", where the first half concentrates more on the humour and the second half delivers the basic  version in which things look not in an immaculate way. Makers could have amend the situations, then the perspective could be more favourable....

 With the ambition to become a hero in Malayalam films brings Ranjith (Jayaram) to the town of Chennai and now he runs a small tailoring shop through which he supplies the costumes to the film industry. He has his dreams to meet and same he shares with his wife Janaki (Rachna Naraynankutty), who also worked as junior artiste. Both of them wants their only daughter Megha to go to the best school of town and for this they need the money.

 Also in the queue is Ranjith's dream to start a garment manufacturing unit for which he has applied to the loan. Ranjith and Janaki's need gets bigger with the dreams and their fortune takes the twist with the arrival of Infertility specialist Dr. John Chitillapally (Mukesh), who offers Janaki to become a surrogate mother of Indo American couple and for this couple are ready to pay the hefty amount. Now rest of the plot revolves around the problems related with this surrogacy.

 Director Deepu Anthikad tries to inject every bit of comedy, sizzling numbers and emotions in his script, but there on the go you would feel that there are some lag in connected events. Vijay Ulaganath's visuals are nice and editing as usual with V.T.Sreejith. Songs goes good with the scenes, which is tuned by Ratheesh Vegha and lyrics were written by Rafeeq Ahamed and Deepu Nambuthiri.

 Jayaram gave a good performance in his character, as he relates best in family dramas. Newcomer Rachna Naraynankutty too looks enthusiastic and more confident in her character. Mukesh done his part in supportive way. T.G.Ravi, Pooja, Mamukkoya, Sreekumar, Amma Ramachandran, Nandkishore and others gave the decent effort to their characters. For the banner of Galaxy Films, Milan Jaleel is the producer of this malayalam movie "Luck Star".

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