Review : "Papilio Buddha"

'Papilio Buddha' Malayalam movie review
A punch on the face of the system, where the enlarged status of the society stands different when it comes to the low caste. "Papilio Buddha" subjects to Dalit community where the people's used by the Political satire to fulfill their own purpose. we genuinely admire the effort of the director Jayan K Cherian to came up with this eye opener theme.., brilliant one... and now its up to the audience and how they perceive the "Papilio Buddha"....?

 Shankaran (Sreekumar) dropout of Jawahar Lal Nehru University and the plot move through his view about his father Kandal Kariyan (Kallen Pokkudan) struggle to save the dalit community. The film's title "Papilio Buddha" is a butterfly, which exist in few
numbers and found in the forest region, while we get to know through the Jack (David Briggs), a lepidopterist searching for Papilio Buddha in the region. An organisation also came forward to help the dalit community, but won't recover the bruises caused by the authorities.

 In the meantime we go through the real shocker sexual violence of a Lady auto rickshaw driver Manjusree (Saritha) by the other male chauvinistic auto drivers. Somehow Manjushree falls for Shankaran's sexual intimacy, then Shankaran develops the responsibility to fight against atrocities on low caste community. Buddhism religion adopted by the activist move to the strong protest, which face the ire of authoritarian, there it leads to the some unanswerable questions in your mind.

 Jayan K Cherian handled the theme with some real incidents taken places in the region, while the scenes may affect the credibility, but that's the way it is...., director managed the negative aspects in a good way, even after the axe of censor board. Sujoy Joseph's editing gave the perfect composition to the frames, meanwhile M J Radhakrishnan's visual done the rest of the brilliance adopted by this film.

 Saritha showed up the courage to bear the mental suffering and distress on her character, salute to the spirited performance from her. Sreekumaran, David Briggs, Kallen Pokkudan done their great rendering. Prakash Bare, Thampy Antony and Padmapriya managed their characters as well. Silicon Media and Kayal Films banner, Prakash Bare and Thampy Antony are the producers of this film.

 If you have gone through this "Papilio Buddha" Malayalam movie review, then do share your thoughts with us.......

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