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The film seems to have some serious issues revolves around the corporate world, but narration points the weakness, whether its awkward presentation or old-fashioned theme produce the fizz that won't last for long, that's what we can observe while watching malayalam movie "Radio'. It questions the women rights on sexual equality base, however makers presented it in an average way.., its your choice....

 Before we get into the story you have been get alerted with the characters that would be the part of this tale. The film talks about a girl Priya (Sarayu), who gets the job in a jewellery shop to offload the burden of debts on her family. As new to the town, Priya finds accommodation with her fellow worker in the jewellery shop and her name is
Shwetha (Iniya). Here enter the man named Manu (Nishaan), who used to pick up Shwetha on every night. As of the things go night life of Shwetha predicts some foul in the mind of Priya.

 If you get the clue.., yes its about flesh trade, where Shwetha works as a call girl and Manu works as the agent, When Priya came to know about this fact, she decide to put an end to relation with Shwetha, but it wasn't that easy because Priya needs money to support her family and that was given by Shwetha. In the time of desperate need of cash, Priya also falls in the hard to escape world of flesh trade, which forms the rest of the plot towards the climax.

 Director Ummar Muhammed take on the good subject where the execution gets misplaced, where it screams out the inaccuracy. Script also fall behind in maintaining the narration, which won't look precise. Cinematography also at the okay level, editing won't worked well by. Music is nice by Mohan Sithara, where the song "Edi Penne" convince the visual.

 Sarayu and Iniya performed their best in the characters, which moved through out the film. Nishaan as usual won't have too much to do. Thalaivasal Vijay, Maniyan Pilla Raju, Harishree Ashokan, Irshad, Jayakrishnan, Shobha Mohan, Kochupreman and others have justified their characters. For the banner of Vijay Combines, S.C.Pillai is the producer of this malayalam movie "Radio".

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