Review : "Red Wine"

Fermentation result of this "Red Wine" may not liked by everybody, as it's a old wine processed in the new bottle. Salam Bappu directed Malayalam movie "Red Wine" somewhere distracts on the go, as you wouldn't get the astonishment cause that you are assuming with this kind of murder mystery. In a certain way "Red Wine" looks good and you can watch it for the performances of actors....

 ACP Ratheesh Vasudevan (Mohanlal) lands up on the crime spot, where a local leader of communist party C V Anoop (Fahadh Faasil) gets killed in a lodge room at Kozhikode, where he came to do the stage drama. Now the investigation began with the dug up of his past life, where C V Anoop was the highly educated person with an Engineering degree and turns to the politics by declining the great deal of jobs. Anoop carries the bit of every knowledge in his pocket and Theatre play was his passion that lead to the night, when he gets murdered. By this time you would get all these scenes in a flashback through Anoop's friend Navas (Saiju Kurup) and in the process it also disclose the clue about the murderer.

 Now story moves with the parallel investigation with another character Ramesh (Asif Ali) joins scenes, who is a sales executive at the two wheeler store. Ramesh has his goals to meet distinct height in the career, but his financial condition won't allow him to do because of debts on him. On the other hand his pregnant wife needs his support, there we can see Ramesh's certain characteristic behaviour and at nearby to the climax, we go through the emotional senses of ACP Ratheesh Vasudevan, there it takes you to the rest of the plot.

 Mohanlal done the character with ease, but in some of the scenes it wasn't like his superb one. Fahadh Faasil enacted his character to that level which arouse curiosity among the viewer, on the other side Asif Ali managed his character to that extent which looks good. Saiju Kurup plays the blinder with his character, T G Ravi, Anusree, Mia George, Sunil Sukhadha, Meghna Raj, Sudheer Karmana, Priyanandan, Suraaj Venjharamoodu, Meera Nandan and others just made up to their roles. Three songs are there with the tunes of Bijibal and lyrics from Vayalar Sarath.

 In his debut directorial Salam Bappu shows his good touch in the direction, in the simple way he managed some nice execution. Mammen K Rajan's script was fine in parts, story by Noufal Blathur seems to have some lag. In the technical side, visual composition was fine from Manoj Pillai and editing cuts were on the satisfactory level. For the banner of Gowri Meenakshi Movies, A S Gireesh Lal is the producer of this Malayalam movie "Red Wine", which has distributed by Reelax Eveents.

 If you have watched this Malayalam film "Red Wine", then do share your comments with us.....

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