Review : "Rose Guitarinaal"

Romantic tale must have some passion and a certain degree of love to make it a happening one, but Ranjan Pramod directed malayalam film "Rose Guitarinaal" not suits that category due to some lack of varieties in the narration. It could be a celebrated one, if the strings have fallen on their places..., average stuff..

 Story surrounds around the Tara (Athmeeya Rajan) and the three lovers in her life, where Tara hails from the middle class family and works as a trainee in an airline company. Tara's father (Jagadeesh) lost all hopes in his life after his wife estranged him and now living
all for his daughter. Here we have Tara's childhood friend Joe (Manu) works as a sales executive and has his love feelings for Tara, but doesn't have the guts to tell her.

 Now we have the office location, where Tara has some feelings for her boss Shyam (Richard Joy Thomas). Shyam's friend is Binoy (Rejith Menon), who kind of spend his money to woo the girls, also have a strong aversion towards the love between Shyam and Tara. On the other hand Joe also gave a feel of insecure by looking at the relationship between his childhood charm and Shyam, which takes you to the clique world of this plot.

 Director Ranjan Pramod provided some good stories through his scripts, but here in "Rose Guitarinaal" it gets insufficient amount of effort to make it a convincing one. Story telling lacks the pace that it needed, while here and there you would feel the technicality, but the songs add more to your patience. Pappu's frame composition put on some fresh feel.

 Some nice performances from the cast, where Athmeeya Rajan managed to get through her chaotic character, Manu and Richard Joy Thomas gave their best to the respective characters. Jagadeesh, Rejith Menon, Joy Mathew, Thara Kalyan and others have justified their characters. Music is nice, but the number of songs are not, Shahabaz Aman done the tunes in fine manner. Varnachitra Big Screen and Colour Pencil Films banner, Maha Subair is the producer of this malayalam movie "Rose Guitarinaal".

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