"Perfume" : Hemanth Menon to sell the fragrance...!

Hemanth Menon as perfume businessman
How about someone comes and ask you to take on some perfumes, which spread the pleasant smell around the environment.., isn't it cool. Anyway if you want to know what we are gossiping about.., here it is, Hemanth Menon will do the character of a perfume business person in his forthcoming Malayalam film titled "Perfume".

 Johnson Easthappan will direct this Malayalam movie and it will produced under
the banner of Parthasaradhi Productions by P K Muralidharan. The character Prakash Menon will played by Hemanth Menon, is in the business of perfumes and the film will visualize the romantic theme. Two fresh faces would come as the female leads, meanwhile other leading actors get their names enrolled in the cast of this film.

 Cinematography will do by Aniyan, where art direction is settled by Suresh Kollam. Alex Paul's tunes would be penned by Shaji Vasudevan. Hemanth Menon's last outing in the lead role was "Chattakari" which hasn't opened the doors of success for him, while his recent release of last year "Chapters" has brought the best in store for the actor.

 If you have felt the aroma of this perfume.., do tell us....

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