Review : "Akam"

The modern interpretation of Malayattoor Ramakrishnan's psycho thriller novel Yakshi, make you to dug up some couch grass to go through this psychoanalysis treatment of "Akam", in short a good effort from the crew and cast to imply this classic novel to a new generation. However the film has its ups and down, but director Shalini Usha Nair deserves the applause to choose this theme for her debut and "Akam" could be a good watch for this week...

 Srinivasan (Fahadh Faasil), an architect who is enjoying his practical and realistic life, charming look that make any girl to gaze through his eyes and he has girlfriend Tara (Shelly Kishore) and their life was moving on with ease with certain type of indulging activities. Meanwhile everything was perfect before an accident,
which shatters the life of Srinivasan, who lost his charming look in that accident, which results his girlfriend Tara depart permanently from his life.

 After the accident, Srinivasan tends to lose his confidence and the feeling of general inadequacy affects his mental and physical strength. In this life of disparagement, Srinivasan get to meet Ragini (Anumol), who put on her loving hand towards him despite of his weird look. The real story begins after their marriage and with the help of boss CK (Prakash Bare), Srinivasan behave in an obsequiously manner with the feeling of uncertainty that Ragini is a Yakshi, which forms the rest of this Malayalam movie "Akam".

 Director tries to induce many elements, but somewhere you get the feel that it should be more precise and jelling one in sense of an obscurity factor. As we earlier said of being a modern interpretation, director justified the novel to an extent and the script could have been more engaging, which may result out the different "Akam". Christopher John Smith's visual gave the best of shots and the rest of the delicate touch is provided by editor Arunima Shankar.

 Again the charm of the industry, Fahadh Faasil furbish the proceedings according to the characters demand and some fine performances from the cast is the life of this movie, watch out for Anumol with slow pace character and dialogue, she managed to furnish the demanding situation. Prakash Bare, Sajith Madathil, Shelly Kishore and others equally supports their character in a fine way. Nice touch of music by Deepak Raghu and Murari Vasudevan. Box Office Cinema are the producers of this Malayalam movie "Akam".

 If you have watched this Malayalam film "Akam" then do share your opinions with us.......

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